Session 13

Murder Most Foul

Session 13: Kuthona 16, 4710 AR through Abadius 15, 4711 AR
A local millworker by the name of Gelbor was found murdered down by the lakefront. His heart had been surgically removed and the symbol of an angry, bloodshot eye had been carved in his forehead. Alinza identified this as the symbol of Gyronna, the Angry Hag. This latter was a minor deity widely venerated throughout the River Kingdoms as the goddess of extortion, hatred, and spite. Most of her worshippers were women who had been spurned by society. Over the next week the party scrambled to stop this insidious cult from taking root. The investigation led to the discovery of a cabal of women under the control of a priestess of Gyronna who had come to town in the guise of a midwife named Goody Niska. She recruited Namira, Gelbor’s adulterous wife, Olga, a new herbalist in town rumored to be a witch, Petra, an aged prostitute, Quaenishia, a Kellid barbarian wilderness guide who was the butt of the other male wilderness guides’ displeasure, Raenalia, a petty seamstress who was being run out of business by her competition, and Saeonid, a recently arrived Varsian harrower. It also seemed that Niska the cult leader had the support of your mysterious bard nemesis Retawniar. After a week of twists and turns and several false leads, Richard, Jhod, and Vidarr finally unmasked the midwife and captured her along with Petra. Namira, Olga, Quanishia, Raenalia, and Saeonid managed to escape with the help of Retawniar. Namira ended up sacrificing her 2 young children (a daughter and son) to the Angry Hag, while Olga murdered several town guards and Saeonid murdered Nils, a local fisherman who had assaulted her during the course of the investigations. Also, Olga murdered her rival Bokken, much to the anger and sadness of the party. Niska and Petra were put on trial. Niska was unrepentant and went to the headsman’s block defiantly, cursing the entire party. Petra had a change of heart and became a convert to the worship or Erastil. Among the more amusing episodes of this otherwise grim turn of events occurred when Solden, Alinza, and Dorian managed to incur the wrath of the pompous new doctor Ivan and were forced to pay him restitution. You all also made several new acquaintances, including the millworkers Joe, Kalob, and Lem, the prostitutes Jillian and Jenny, and the devout new acolyte of Erastil named Jasper.

The year closed, however, on a positive note with the arrival of a caravan from neighboring Varnhold to the east. Cephal Lorentus, the Magister of Varnhold, and Willas Gundarson, the Marshal of Varnhold, led the caravan, which carried a shipment of trade goods from the new kingdom, including its locally famous brew, Cheerful Delver Stout. Your new Varnhold friends stayed until a week after the new year and a tentative trade agreement was struck, with the first deliveries to arrive in early Gozran once the weather cleared up. You all continued to expand your kingdom north towards Oleg’s and within the city Vidarr finally got his barracks and the beginnings of a wall.



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