Session 15

Perfidious Lizardfolk and Great Old Ones

Session 15: Calistril 9, 4711 AR through Pharast 6, 4711 AR
The party and the town of Highpoint hunkered down to ride out the last of the winter. On Calistril 14, however, you all received a surprise visit from a Lizardfolk delegation from the village you all had stumbled across in your earlier explorations. The delegation leader, an elderly shaman named Shalash, explained that the Lizardfolk of Orthult (as the village was known) had decided that Highpoint would make a suitable neighbor and wanted to open trade relations. Richard suggested an exchange of warriors as a show of good will. Shalash said that he would take this request back to his king. Solden and Zander had some misgivings as they had heard that Orthult dealt in questionable merchandise with questionable groups, such as bandits.

The next day, as the delegation left, the snow began in earnest. That evening, the local tanner, Ronal, showed up and said that his son Tig had gone missing. Tig was last seen at the ford where you all had rescued Narthropple’s caravan from some slurks. Vidarr arranged a search party while Vidarr was able to scry on Tig. The wizard’s magic revealed that Tig had been kidnapped by a group of Lizardfolk and was being taken back to Orthult where he would be given over to the “old man.” The party set out at once through a worsening winter storm, trying to cut the kidnappers off before they disappeared into the depths of the marsh around Orthult. Pushing yourselves mercilessly and ignoring the fatigue, you all had a brief encounter with an enraged grizzly bear, which Vidarr managed to talk down. You all finally caught up with the kidnappers as they were holed up in Merl the hermit’s old tree home while waiting out the storm. A well-planned ambush in the dawn hours of Calistril 17 rescued Tig and killed the five Lizardfolk who had kidnapped him. You took one prisoner and before you executed him, you learned that the Lizardfolk king had ordered the boy captured, but for not the reasons why. The delegation had been a diversion to carry out this plot.

You all delivered Tig to his grateful parents just in time as a full-fledged blizzard hit the region. The party spent the next few days plotting how to handle this act of aggression on the part of the Lizardfolk. It was decided that the party would mount an all-out assault and destroy the village. Before you all left, however, there was an interesting development as it turned out that Tig began exhibiting considerable sorcerous power. Alinza, Vidarr, and Solden took the young boy under their wing and began to teach him how to cope with his newfound power.

On Calistril 24, you all set out into the Narlmarches to get revenge against the Lizardfolk. You reached the outskirts of the camp on the evening of Calistril 27 and launched a devastating assault. Solden bombarded the community with fireballs and ice storms, while Vidarr and Dorian snuck in and Alinza and Richard served as shock troops. The village was destroyed with minimal damage to the party, but you all discovered some prisoners—local trappers, merchants, and farmers. They revealed that what the party had destroyed was one of 4 border outposts that his the actual village deeper in the swamp. You all decided to return the prisoners to Highpoint and plot out your next move.

The journey back was eventful. You all were attacked by several Will-‘o-Wisps, which killed two of the farmers. Also, Solden, Richard, and Alinza noticed the Dorian was acting strangely. When you all arrived back in Highpoint on Pharast 2, you all had Jhod surreptitiously examine Dorian, and the priest informed the party that their Elven companion was under a curse from the dagger recovered on the haunted island. He was being compelled to worship the Old Ones, specifically an abominable being known as Yog-Sothoth. Solden acquired a scroll to remove the curse from his comrade and successfully used it. In fact, Dorian was carrying two cursed items—the dagger from the haunted isle and the Stag Lord’s amulet. When he took off the amulet, an image of a beautiful but depraved nymph appeared and stated that she would never let the party destroy the plans that she had for the Stolen Lands. The amulet then exploded, injuring several of you, but not severely.

The next several days were spent in recovery and planning. Alinza led town in celebrating the Day of Bones on Pharast 5. The bodies of some of the recently deceased townsfolk were paraded through the town and then given a free burial.



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