Session 18

Owlbears and Redheaded Alcoholics

Session 18: Gozran 10, 4711 AR through Desnus 31, 4711 AR
The first week of your return was spent dealing with typical administrative and governing matters. The Orlovsky delegation arrived on 18 Gozran. There were 2 wagons full of trade goods (part of the dowry) and the royal carriage. Sara Orlovsky was close to 30 and rather plain. She was cheap and had a fear of physical contact lest she contract some horrible disease. She was accompanied by her brother Keldon, an unctuous foppish dandy who ran a branch of the family lumber business. Richard was immediately put off by Sara’s age, appearance, and imperious mannerisms. The baron also questioned the mental health of the family as Keldon constantly included an imaginary friend in his conversations. Keldo also did not endear himself to Richard when he tried to cut a side deal in business with Dorian. Overall, it was a long week as the baron and the rest of his inner circle had to put up the Orlovskys.

You all did not have much time to process your meeting with the Sara and her brother before a major crisis broke. A gigantic Owlbear attacked the partially constructed wall on 26 Gozran, killing 2 and wounding 5 militia members. You all tracked the beast back to its lair over the next 6 days, easily defeating a mosquito swarm and a small band of Boggards that you all encountered along the way. The lair was carefully concealed on the banks of the Little Sellen River. After successfully luring the beast out and killing it, you all explored the lair. Inside were a variety of fungal creatures, including a pile of sentient vegetation covered in an immense centipede swarm. Richard and Alinza were seriously injured in this encounter, but the party was saved by some quick thinking by Dorian, who used his wand of burning hands and shocking grasp to disperse the swarm while Vidarr and Alinza brought the plant beast down. Aside from this there were a few spiders, but these were easily handled. In the Owlbear lair, you found evidence that some humans had used a magical ring to coerce the Owlbear into attacking Highpoint before it had turned on them and devoured them. The fact that a magical ring was found that contained a lock of Nymph hair strongly suggested that these humans had been working with your mysterious nymph enemy.

You arrived back in Highpoint on 2 Desnus and spent the next 2 weeks governing and getting ready for the arrival of the Surtova party. The Surtova party outdid the Orlovsky party in every respect. They had 4 wagonloads of goods. The suitor was Nyssa Surtova, a vivacious red-head in her early 20’s. She had a fondness for drink and gossip. Her brother Lambert was a rather vapid noble who was incessantly cheerful and ignored his great wolfhound Charlie. Vidarr, as one would expect, hung out more with the dog and firmly rejected the advances of Nyssa. While the baron and most of his inner circle liked the Surtova’s more than the Orlovskys, most agreed that marrying into the Orlovsky family would be the politically expedient thing to do. Ignoring his council’s advice, however, Richard accepted the Surtova offer. Once his betrothed departed, Richard spent the rest of the month trying to assuage his inner circle and the kingdom’s council.



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