Session 3

Sieges, Soap Opera Dramatics, and a Kobold Mystery

Session 3: Pharast 21 through Gozran 19, 4710 AR
Spring officially arrived with the vernal equinox on 21 Pharast as you all set out to survey of the plains southwest of Oleg’s. As you continued your exploration, a great blizzard roared through the region on 24 Pharast. After the blizzard, the weather slowly improved, although there were a couple of days of sleet and snow. You all were attacked by a giant trapdoor spider, which you easily dispatched. In the beast’s lair was the dead body of a Stag Lord bandit that contained a crude map showing the location of a treasure buried under an old tree further southeast, but you all headed back to Oleg’s so that you would be there in time for the next bandit visit.

A light dusting of snow on 30 Pharast was followed by steady sleet on the 31st. Oleg, Svetlana, Jhod, Kesten, and his men all helped you prepare the trading post for the coming confrontation. Two of the catapults had been repaired by Kesten’s men and Alinza suggested that you all fill barrels with frozen water and rocks as ammunition. You all dug two pits with bear traps just in front of the gate. Antau hid in a pit, while Vidarr and Egbert waited on their horses to spring an ambush. The 1st of Gozran dawned with a misty rain. Your ambush worked perfectly on the 12 bandits and 2 leaders that showed up. A catapult stone smashed the wagon of the leaders, killing Happs Bydon and severely wounding Kressle. She tried to run away but was rounded up and captured by Egbert and Antau. Another bandit was taken down by a second catapult shot. The pits worked perfectly neutralizing two more bandits, while Solden cast a spell that created magical grease and set it on fire to take down another. Four of the bandits managed to clamber over the walls, but were dispatched by Alinza, Dorian, Peter, Jhod, and Kesten. The remaining four bandits were picked off by Vidarr and Egbert outside the walls.

As the resident’s of the trading post celebrated this victory, you all questioned Kressle. She gave you the location of the Stag Lord’s main base on the northern shore of the Tuskwater and informed you that bandits came and went freely as long as they knew the correct pass phrase, which was currently “By the Bloody Bones of St. Gilmorg, who wants to know?” A fierce debate then broke out as to what to do with Kressle. Kesten was adamant that she put to death as a bandit under Brevic law. Most of the party agreed except for Antau. Egbert and Vidarr attempted to take justice into their own hands but were stopped by Kesten and Antau. A compromise was reached that she would be executed by hanging the next day, but given a nice meal and final rites with a decent burial. This was not good enough for Antau, who helped her escape. Vidarr, Dorian, and Egbert then tracked her down and summarily executed her. They then kicked Antau out of the party. He remains at the trading post, helping the settlers establish their hold on the region and pursuing his own inscrutable goals. Svetlana was distraught that you all did not recover her wedding ring, which had been stolen on Kressles body.

On the 3rd, Egbert, Solden, Alinza, Vidarr, and Dorian set out to scour the bandit camp and continue exploring the region. It took you three days to reach the camp and an additional day to loot the camp. The rainy weather gradually gave way to some sun and the temperatures began to gradually climb. At the camp you all found some loot as well enough food and water for 10 days and the last stash of goods taken from Oleg’s.

Setting out on the 7th, your next goal was to systematically work your way southeast down the Thorn River and east and north up the Shrike River in search of the Sootscale Kobold tribe’s main lair. Aside from some thunderstorms on the first day, which was Currentseve, a local River Kingdoms holiday on which the families of sailors and the rivermen themselves pray to Gozreh for safe travels in the upcoming year, the weather continued to be mostly sunny and mild. You discovered a partially ruined bridge across the Thorn River that could serve as an important travel link through the Greenbelt. There was also a ford at the confluence of the Thorn and Shrike Rivers.

On the 12th, you all located the kobold lair, which Solden identified as an abandoned Taldan silver mine known as Oaktop. Leaving Palomo to guard your wagons, you all entered and found a kobold guard that was taken out by Vidarr with one shot before it could raise the alarm. In a side prison, you all discovered a mite, a type of evil underground fey, but no one could understand its speech so you all left it for the time being. Further into the mine, you all were ambushed by two more kobolds but took them down easily. Then you came to a room that served as an altar to a horned devil (as identified by Dorian). The next room was the main tribal center where you all fought six regular kobolds and their chieftain. The fighting also brought out a purple-skinned kobold sorcerer. Despite taking some damage from acid flasks hurled by the kobolds, you all easily won the battle and Dorian and Egbert took out the sorcerer after he turned invisible. Much to your surprise the sorcerer transformed into a gnome upon his death. You all did find the sorcerer’s diary amongst the kobolds’ treasure but could not read the language it was written in. You all then journeyed back to Oleg’s, arriving on the 19th.



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