Session 5

Bears, Boar Taint, Mites, and Fangberry Wines

Session 5: Desnus 3 through Desnus 31, 4710 AR
Upon arrival back at Oleg’s, the remaining party members found a new arrival. Sir Richard Lebeda had arrived from Restov. He had the party’s reward money for cleaning out the kobolds and an arrest warrant for Egbert. It seems that Egbert was wanted for murder and Sir Richard had been sent to bring him to justice. Also, the Swordlords had refused to add Jerro to the charter of exploration, which was just as well considering how things had turned out. Oleg also gave the party 1,000 Gp worth of trade credit for the successful return of Svetlana’s wedding ring. Sir Richard asked to be added to the charter so that he could hunt down Egbert, but the party was wary. Vidarr also seemed to have an animosity towards the young knight, as it turned out that House Lebeda had sat idly by while his home village had been destroyed by forces from Pitax. Richard assured him that he had no love for Dame Saronna and that indeed he had joined the Knights of the Dragon to get away from his scheming family. This along with his very obvious hatred of Egbert convinced the party to join forces with Richard. After resting a few days and purchasing supplies, the party set out to the bandit camp on Thorn River to begin tracking Egbert, Jerro, and Peter.

The trail had gone cold, so the party decided to resume their exploration. They journeyed west to the Temple of the Elk, which turned out to be an abandoned shrine to Erastil. It was guarded by a fierce supernatural grizzly bear. Powered by his faith in Erastil, Richard dropped the beast with several mighty blows while Vidarr and Dorian distracted the beast. The bear transformed into an old man, who revealed that he had been cursed by Erastil to serve as a guardian for the shrine due to heretical beliefs. Now that the shrine was cleared, the pool at its center served as source of minor healing magic. You all decided to let Jhod know when you returned to the trading post so that he could claim the area and restore it to full function.

Continuing southeast from the shrine, you all stumbled upon Tuskgutter’s lair. Setting a trap, Dorian and Richard were able to slay the creature. After preserving its head and tusks for the old hunter Vekkel, the party decided to return to the trading post and plot their next move.

You all decided to clean out the mite lair and also fill in your map by finishing your explorations of the Greenbelt between the Thorn and Shrike Rivers. The mite lair turned out to a series of five tunnels and a chasm beneath to root system of the old sycamore tree. The mites did not mount any serious opposition to your party. A few of you suffered some minor injuries but were not otherwise significantly hurt. You garnered a fair share of loot, including a statue of a crouching reptilian devil.

From the mite lair, the party moved southwest to the Fangberry thicket. The plants were infested with a spider swarm, which a quick-thinking Dorian wiped out with a clever use of an electrical spell. You all picked enough berries to satisfy Bokken and Vidarr also preserved a few plants to take to the old alchemist so that he could grow his own berry supply.

As you all spent the next few days finishing your territorial survey, Vidarr befriended a wounded wolf. The party was also attacked by a tatzyl worm while in the forest, which you quickly dispatched although Alinza’s horse was severely wounded. You also routed a small group of independent bandits despite Solden being seriously hurt by arrows. You managed to take on the bandits as a prisoner, but learned no useful information n from him. You all then visited Bokken, who ecstatic at your success and promised to sell you any potions he made at 1/3 cost from this point forward.

Returning to the trading post on 22 Desnus, you all spent the rest of the month resupplying, training, and resting. Dorian and Solden exchanged spells while Vidarr also began training his wolf. After consulting with Oleg and Kesten, Richard meted out the required penalty for banditry and beheaded the prisoner. You all also began discussing plans for your next move.



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