• Alinza Velestrata

    Alinza Velestrata

    A towering woman with pale skin, blonde hair, and blue eyes..
  • Antau Stonebinder

    Antau Stonebinder

    A solidly built male with skin like granite. His eyes shine like polished onyx and his hair appears as green crystalline spikes. On his biceps are two gems that seem to be part of his body and pulse with a rhythmic green light.
  • Dorian Strakk

    Dorian Strakk

    A tall, lean elf with copper skin, light brown hair, and green eyes
  • Richard Lebeda

    Richard Lebeda

    A tall human of noble bearing with brown hair and striking violet eyes
  • Solden Talathel

    Solden Talathel

    Middle-aged elf in deep red robes, with orange, yellow and white accents
  • Vidarr Skarnson

    Vidarr Skarnson

    A fairly non-descript human of Taldan descent with brown hair, gray eyes, and tanned skin. He wears a neatly trimmed beard and mustache. The dagger at his hip, his well-used chain shirt, and the long bow at his side suggest a man of the outdoors.
  • Bokken


    Eccentric Alchemist
  • Egbert


    An Issian with ruddy skin, black hair, and piercing dark blue eyes dressed in battered but well-maintained banded mail with a huge great sword that has seen much use strapped on his back.
  • Jamandi Aldori

    Jamandi Aldori

    Aldori Swordlord Extraordinare
  • Jhod Kavken

    Jhod Kavken

    A grim, but earnest wandering priest
  • Joesph Sellemius, Lord Mayor of Restov

    Joesph Sellemius, Lord Mayor of Restov

    No-nonsense Lord Mayor of Restov
  • Kesten Garess

    Kesten Garess

    Regal, yet melancholy, bearing
  • Oleg Leveton

    Oleg Leveton

    Gruff Trading Post Owner
  • Peter Zevetheran

    Peter Zevetheran

    A slender androgynous figure of Varisian descent (black hair, green eyes, and olive skin) wearing an accordion.
  • Svetlana Leveton

    Svetlana Leveton

    Compassionate yet fiery Trading Post Owner