Alinza Velestrata

A towering woman with pale skin, blonde hair, and blue eyes..


N Female Varisian Level 3 Warpriestess of Pharasma


Alinza grew up in a Varisian carnival that traveled throughout the northern land of Brevoy. Her mother Zeldana was a Harrow reader and her father Eugeni was the carnival strongman. Alinza was born as albino. Her pale skin, pale blue eyes, and blonde hair set her apart from her fellow Varisians, but this was not a problem as Varisians in general are a very accepting people. She also inherited her father’s size and strength, but despite Alinza, despite this, was apprenticed to her mother while her older twin brothers Alezanderu and Alexi trained with Eugeni. It was a good life. When she was 10, age and illness forced her parents to retire. They chose a small village called Reliford, which was under the vassalage of the nearby city of Restov. Life in retirement was hard and it seemed that the people of Brevoy had no use for Varisians who were not affiliated with the traveling carnivals. Alinza’s family slowly descended into poverty, and she watched helplessly as her parents lost the will to live. Her brothers fled to the city of Restov, where they joined a local Sczarni gang and preyed on the rich merchants. At first the great Vanishing of 4699 (when all living direct members of House Rogarvia, the royal family of Brevoy, mysteriously disappeared) did not affect the little village of Reliford, and Alinza continued to look after her parents. Her parents finally died in early Rova [September] just a few months before her 18th birthday, and that same month, mercenaries working for one the feuding great families of Brevoy rode through and destroyed the village. Surviving the night of fire and carnage, Alinza made her way to Restov and joined her brothers. The life on an outlaw did not suit her, however, and she soon tired of using her Harrow skills to dupe unsuspecting merchants and tourists. When the Sczarni stronghold was raided by members of the Restov city watch, Alinza was captured and jailed. As she awaited sentence, the High Priestess of the Temple of the Whispering Bones, Mara Somier, asked the Lord Mayor, Joseph Sellemius, to remand Alinza to the custody of the Pharasman temple. Mara was intrigued by Alinza’s knowledge of Harrowing and hoped to train Alinza as an acolyte of the faith. It soon became apparent that Alinza’s talents lay more in fighting than divination, and she was thus trained by Mara as a warpriestess. Alinza took advantage of this turn of fate to forge a new life, leaving her Varisian roots behind; due to her experiences with the vagaries of life, Alinza has a great affinity for the fatalistic tenets of Pharasma. Recently the mayor has called in the favor that he gave to Mara in releasing Alinza. He needed the services of a warpriestess to join a group of mercenaries that Restov is sending to reclaim the Stolen Lands. Thus she has joined with six other companions on a journey into the Stolen Lands that will determine her future fate . . .

Alinza Velestrata

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