Antau Stonebinder

A solidly built male with skin like granite. His eyes shine like polished onyx and his hair appears as green crystalline spikes. On his biceps are two gems that seem to be part of his body and pulse with a rhythmic green light.


LN Male Oread Level 1 Monk


Antau was born in the small farming village of Ashwan of north-central Jalmeray. His father Pratavh was the village elder while his mother Hema was an oracle. The birth of a oread to Vudrani parents was seen as a sign that the village was blessed by the Vudrani spirits that infused the island nation. At age 20, Antau was sent to study at the Monastery of Untwisting Iron for the next 30 years. At age 50, when his parents died, he assumed the leadership of his village. At this time, Ashwan became embroiled in a territorial war with their neighboring village of Bratalash over prime grazing land for the respective village herds. Over the next 20 years, Antau used his status to negotiate a variety of peace treaties between the warring villages, but tensions always ran high. One day he was called back to his monastery on an important matter, and when he returned to Ashwan the following year, he found that the elders of Bratalash had hired local bandits and mercenaries to destroy Ashwan. In a rage, Antau threw away his decades of training and embarked on a bloody rampage, killing every single man, woman, and child in Bratalash, 75 people in all. When he came to the realization of what he had done, he sat down to wait for the arrival of Jalmeray forces from the capital at Niswan, determined to face the consequences of his actions. He prayed to Irori to forgive his failings and the fact that he had strayed from the path of balance, perfection, and enlightenment. As his 70th birthday dawned, he was surprised to see a stone giant with many scars approaching the village. This creature identified himself as the Sixth Rebirth, one of the many divine servants of Irori. This dour giant informed Antau that he was to leave the only home he had ever known and never return as punishment for his failures. As the universe, however, always sought balance, Antau would spend the rest of his life using his skills to establish another nation. Sixth Rebirth did not know where this was to happen, only that it was in the cold and dreary northern lands. Thus given this reprieve, Antau spent the next 10 years on the road, traveling through Qadira, Taldor, Galt, and the River Kingdoms, but Irori did not give him any signs that his destiny lay in any of these regions. While recently in the rough and tumble River Kingdom city of Mivon, he heard that the leaders of the city of Restov in the nation of Brevoy were putting out calls for people to colonize the border region between Brevoy and the River Kingdoms of the stolen lands. Thus he has come to the stolen lands to fulfill his destiny.

Antau Stonebinder

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