Dorian Strakk

A tall, lean elf with copper skin, light brown hair, and green eyes


N Male Elf Level 1 Swashbuckler/Level 2 Magus (Kensai Blade-Bound)


Dorian always found it amusing when his adoptive father, Ian Strakk, told the story of how Dorian had come into the Strakk family. Ian had met his wife Zeldana in an adventuring group. Ian was a Ranger and Zeldana was a witch. After a fruitful career running with the Iron Nine adventuring company throughout the Riverlands, they retired to a small plot of land on the outskirts of the Forest of Thousand Voices (Forest of Breath) in the northwestern Stolen Lands. Ian worked as a woodcutter while Zeldana ministered to the health needs of the locals. One fall morning, Ian heard the squalls of a newborn infant and found an Elven babe buried under a bush outside a glade, apparently abandoned. Now that they had a child, Ian and Zeldana decided to move to a more urban setting. In Restov they set up a tobacco shop to provide for the family. Although Dorian meshed well in human society, being different was sometimes hard. But generally Dorian’s youth outside of work was carelessly spent learning the art of the sword and smoking and drinking. Since his family did not have the means to pay for proper schooling in swordplay at the prestigious Aldori Academy, this meant a mixture of self-taught techniques and urban teachers of various abilities. As time went on, those around him (including his adopted human parents) aged, and eventually died, leaving him alone. This forced Dorian to come face to face with the fact his nurtured human paradigm of things didn’t match up with who he actually was. This was a time of racial self discovery. Dorian was raised to worship Abadar, but as he failed to find peace there after the loss of his human parents and friends, he turned for a short time to Gorum (but found the singular interest in battle boring), Cayden Cailean (from his time drinking), and then fatalistically to Pharasma. But in the end he is not overly religious at this point, jumping from ingrained verbal devotions to heresies in the same discussion. For the past decade, however, his fey blood has been calling him back to the Stolen Lands. Increasingly he has had dreams both wonderful and horrible where he sees his birth parents trying to protect him from a beautiful but sadistic nymph of incredible, otherworldly beauty. The nymph then seductively calls Dorian to embrace his fey heritage and help rule the Stolen Lands in her name. The urges to return to the Stolen Lands and find his true heritage, the source of these dreams, and the identity of this mysterious nymph led him to sell the Smoke Shop to finance his journey. Alas, his parents were not good bookkeepers, and Dorian found that he owed 50 years of back taxes on the property. Because of Dorian’s good standing in the community, the Lord Mayor Joseph Sellemius waived all fees and let Dorian simply deed the property to the city to pay the debt. Not unsympathetic to the young (!) elf’s plight, the Lord Mayor offered Dorian a place in a government-sponsored expedition to reclaim the Stolen Lands for Brevoy.

Dorian Strakk

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