Solden Talathel

Middle-aged elf in deep red robes, with orange, yellow and white accents


LN Male Elf Level 3 Wizard


Seldon Talatehel was born in Kaer-Maga to an Elven diplomat named Talaxan. His mother Uhalla was a seamstress. As he grew older, Seldon came more and more to resent the anarchy of Kaer Maga and constantly questioned why the elves of Kyonin bothered to have an embassy there. Seldon became fascinated with the ancient Thassilonian ruins of the city. He recently heard about the opening of the fabled Thassilonian city of Xin-Shalast and now wants to amass wealth to fund his explorations of that fabled city. Through his father’s contacts back at Kyonin, he heard that human nation of Brevoy was looking for adventurer’s to explore a region of the Riverlands known as the Stolen Lands. He thus traveled to the city of Restov and joined a government-sponsored adventuring band that will allow him to make his desired fortune.

Solden Talathel

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