Vidarr Skarnson

A fairly non-descript human of Taldan descent with brown hair, gray eyes, and tanned skin. He wears a neatly trimmed beard and mustache. The dagger at his hip, his well-used chain shirt, and the long bow at his side suggest a man of the outdoors.


CN Male Taldan Level 3 Ranger (Skirmisher)


Vídarr comes from the small village of Tatzlford, which is situated at a key crossing of the Skunk River in the Narlmarches.Tatzlford had prospered for many generations. Víðarr was happily married, had a daughter, and enjoyed a comfortable trade as a local woodsman and hunter. Tatzlford was founded about 50 years ago by colonists from Brevoy who owed allegiance to the Lebeda noble house of that country. One day four years ago, the village elders were approached by envoys from the city of Pitax, a notorious bandit city in the nearby Riverlands. The king of Pitax, Irovetti, wanted Tatzlford to break off its allegiance to Brevoy and House Lebeda and become a vassal of Pitax. Not wanting to bend their knee to a man as vile Irovetti, the townspeople refused and the the envoys departed in anger, promising to return with a bandit army and wipe the town from existence. Vídarr was sent to Silverhall to seek the aid of Lander Lebeda, the young prince of the house. He was not yet an adult, and his mother and regent, Dame Saronna, refused to send aid as the village had not paid its taxes yet that year. When a very angry and frustrated Vídarr got back to the town, the village was destroyed, his wife and daughter raped and killed, and most of the villagers themselves either murdered or taken off into slavery. With his life in ruins, Vídarr became filled with loathing for laws and the words of men. He journeyed into the wilderness and lived as a woodsman for the next few years, scratching out a subsistence level existence in the Narlmarches, finding the company of animals more welcome than people. He hates House Lebeda, who refused to help his people, and the bandit king Irovetti of Pitax. In his isolation he became a frequent guest at a local trading post called Oleg’s. This place has recently been bothered by a group of bandits who serve a mysterious chieftain known as the Stag Lord. Vídarr was always away when these thugs visited, but his anger reached a boiling point when these villains threatened to rape Oleg’s wife, Svetlana, on their last visit. Even though he did not trust the Brevic nobility, Vídarr realized that he was no match for an organized group of bandits by himself. So, steeling himself for a journey back to hated civilization, Vídarr made the 100 mile journey to the city of Restov and pleaded his case with the Sword Lords of that city. To his surprise, they agreed to send a small force to Oleg’s for help. In the meantime, Vídarr heard that the Sword Lords were looking for mercenary groups to explore the Stolen Lands and cleanse them for mass colonization efforts by the people of Brevoy. He has joined this endeavor hoping to find peace and redemption.

Vidarr Skarnson

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