Session 8
I got slimed by a Slurk--Sir Richard Lebeda

Session 8: Arodus 1 through Arodus 31, 4710 AR
Upon arrival back at Oleg’s, Alinza, Dorian, Solden, and Richard caught up with Vidarr and prepared to finish exploring the northern Greenbelt. The first settlers and supplies would be arriving at Highpoint by Rova 1, so you all had about a month of summer weather to finish up your exploration.

Over the next two weeks, you all started by surveying the farmland to the west of Oleg’s and then systematically worked your way through the northwest quadrant of the Narlmarches. The weather was overall excellent, save for some fog on the first day, a hail storm on Arodus 3, and some rain on Arodus 11.

Arodus 2 saw the party in the Narlmarches where you came across four voracious Slurks. These disgusting beasts look like slime-covered toads, but with two walrus-like tusks jutting from their upper jaw. The Narlmarches are infested with these magical beasts, and Dorian and Solden knew the following information about these common pests. Slurks are frog-like creatures, the descendants of the failed result of a dwarven attempt to domesticate and breed subterranean frogs as food and labor animals. Though the dwarves failed to create suitable livestock, the sticky frogbeasts are often befriended by other underground races. Slurks are carnivores and have a formidable bite, thanks to their massive tusks. Their true strength, however, lies in their foul-smelling and unnatural secretions. The mucus exuded from the slurk’s back is incredibly sticky and quickly hardens into a powerful resin, a quality the creature turns to its advantage by squirting it at intruders and then waiting for it to harden before closing for the kill. At the same time, the liquid excreted by glands on a slurk’s stomach is incredible slippery, allowing the slurk to keep from being immobilized by its own back slime and also making it extremely hard to grapple or maneuver without its consent. Combined with slurks’ natural ability to climb walls and hang from ceilings with ease, these abilities make the foul-smelling creatures extremely desirable to the regions kobolds and boggards , who domesticate and train the frog-beasts as powerful mounts and guardians. After dispatching the Slurks with relative ease, you all spent the rest of the day disarming a series of bear traps that were set haphazardly throughout the area where they would catch both animals and passing travelers. Vidarr recalled that this area of the forest was known to be the hunting grounds of the currently missing foul-tempered local woodsman Breeg Olivanch, who was the type of person to set the traps without care of catching his fellow hunters and trappers.

Arodus 4 saw you all reaching the rolling plains that marked the western boundaries of your future domain. Amid an overgrown section of blackberries you all found a hidden cairn of stones marking the grave of a long-forgotten prince of the regional Tiger Lord barbarians. Solden posited that this burial came from a time when that tribe’s territory stretched all the way from Numeria to the Narlmarches—patrols from Rostland have forced these barbarians back to the east, and the majority of their cairns were toppled and the bodies looted over the past century and the Tiger Lords have been relegated to the Glenebon Uplands region to the west of the Greenbelt. After some heated discussion, in which Dorian and Richard wanted to loot and desecrate the grave, you all decided to let the grave be for now on the advice of Alinza, who as a devotee of Pharasma took a dim view of disturbing a consecrated burial site.

On Arodus 7, you all survived attacks by a flock of seven Stirges and an Assassin Vine. This latter was a gnarled vine, as thick as a man’s arm and bearing hand-shaped leaves, which convulsed across the ground in an unnatural slither as it sensed the party. Richard was caught in entangling foliage commanded by the creature, but you all used ranged attacks to finish off the creature before it could attack the cavalier. The Stirges, similar to Slurks, are magical beasts that infest the boughs of the Narlmarches. These insectoid creatures have two pairs of bat wings, a tangle of thin legs, and a needle-sharp proboscis that savagely attack humanoids and animals alike and drain them of blood. You also stumbled across the decaying body of a hunter that you identified as the Breeg Olivanch by the presence of his distinctive hatchet nearby. Apparently the crotchety trapper met his end when a deadfall trap that he had been constructing collapsed and crushed him to death. Dorian and Vidarr, though discovered that one of the ropes looked suspiciously like it had been gnawed through, making the accident seem suspicious. That evening, you all encountered a local hunter named Beornhelm. He shared your camp in return for a delicious dinner of Narlmarch hares that he had caught. He warned you all that there were rumors of boggards and also a band of roaming bandits.

The next day, as you were traveling through the forest, a patch of magical grease appeared under Richard’s horse, Duncan. The knight’s skilled horsemanship prevented a fall, but as he recovered, a Kobold jumped out ahead of the party. As Richard lowered his lance to charge, however, Alinza stayed his hand, saying that she heard laughter. Dorian and Vidarr suspected that a fey was playing pranks upon the party and called out appreciation of the joke. This caused a housecat-sized miniature dragon with fine purple scales, butterfly wings, sharp horns, wicked little teeth, and a tail tipped with a barbed stinger to appear. Dorian and Solden recognized this as a Pseudodragon. This creature introduced itself as Perlivash and invited the party to its grove for dinner in return for being such good sports. At the grove, Perlivash introduced you all to its boon companion, a strange 1-1/2 feet tall 10 pound creature with the upper body of a female elf and the lower body of a cricket. She wore her silver long and uncombed. Her skin bore gold markings and her legs were a hue of bright red. She wore no clothes but had a tiny short sword at her waist and long bow, quiver of arrows, and a fiddle strapped to her back. The duo feted the party with wild herbs and mushrooms and Perlivash got quite drunk on the party’s wine. Dorian and Solden recognized this creature as a type of fey known as a Grig. Gigs excel at music, and can create lively ditties simply by sawing their legs against their bodies. Grig music often stirs people to dance, even when the grigs don’t enhance their music with supernatural compulsions. In addition to loving music, grigs enjoy the visual arts, especially paintings and sketches, and they often decorate their homes with bright colors and delightful images. While the dragon was effusive and flamboyant, Tyg-titter-Tut (as the Grig called herself) was shrill and abrasive. Despite this she provided fine music for the party. The pair did not really have any sense of the wider world outside their small part of the forest, although Dorian did coax from Perlivash that he chewed the rope on the deadfall to kill Breeg, who was known as a bully and a thug to the forest animal population. Richard tried to coax the dragon to come serve in Highpoint, but the dragon preferred to remain in the wilderness.

Arodus 9 brought you to the renovated Temple of the Elk. Jhod and Antau were happy to see you. The restored Temple had been blessed by Erastil so that the font out front healed creatures of light wounds once every 24 hours. Jhod complained that some of the local fey were constantly playing pranks on him, but you all amusedly kept quiet about your encounter with Perlivash and Tig-titter-tut. Jhod also complained that the source of the Skunk River directly to the west of temple was infested with a band of Slurks. On the next day, you all cleared out a band of seven of the creatures at the hot springs, although Richard was subjected to their nasty slime attack.

On Arodus 13, you stumbled across a long-forgotten statue of Erastil in his guise as the Stag Father. Richard cleansed and consecrated the statue while Vidarr scoffed. Richard was rewarded with a minor, temporary enchantment on his scimitar which made it more prone to critically slice opponents. Finally, on the 14th, you all stumbled on an ancient Taldan watch post that was infested with seven Boggards. A fierce fight ensued, and the party overcame the creatures despite the leader’s magical croaking. Solden was seriously wounded by an arrow, while Dorian suffered some minor wounds. Vidarr noted that it was unusual for Boggards to come so far east into the Narlmarches in such force. The mystery further deepened when you all found the bodies of another Boggard and Slurk that had been cannibalized by the other Boggards.

Having completed your survey north of the Tuskwater, you all headed back to Oleg’s to restock and head towards the future site of Highpoint to prepare it for settlement. You arrived back at Oleg’s on the 19th. You started out for Highpoint on the 20th and arrived on the 25th. This gave a week to rest, train, and prepare for the first settlers.

Session 7
A Kingdom Begins

Session 7: Sarenith 11 through Erastus 31, 4710 AR
The next day, Dorian revealed that he had been having strange dreams regarding a beautiful, but evil, nymph who was involved in the death of a unicorn. In addition, there was an unearthly spirit that had spoken with him in his dreams and infused his sword with a strange new power. The blade was now jet black with whorls of light that looked like stars in a night sky. Dorian was also drawn to the Stag Lord’s locket of nymph hair. When he donned this amulet, eldritch energies surged through him and seemed to make him more charismatic.

After these dramatic events, you all decided to remove the curse on the monastery. Wandering around the hillside, you all were attacked by a dozen zombies, which you easily dispatched. Now that the monastery was cleansed and rededicated to Pharasma by Alinza, the party decided that it would serve as a base of operations in their further explorations of the region.

Vidarr and Richard suggested that you all return the Stag Lord’s body to appease the ghost of Davik Nettles and then proceed up the Skunk River to clear more territory and find Dorian’s dead unicorn. After a few days travel, you all reached Nettle’s Crossing and gave the Stag Lord over to the ghost. As a reward, Davik’s spirit revealed the remnants of his body, which held a magical scimitar. Richard claimed this prize.

Proceeding up the Skunk River, you all came across a trapper named Alakazer. He shared your camp and revealed that he had set some traps to catch some nearby Thylacines. The next day you came across a traveler that you suspected was traveling to join the Stag Lord, but as he did not attack you, you let him go. Presently, you all came to the ruins of a small village, which Vidarr identified as the remnants of his home Tatzylford. Dorian indicated that the unicorn lay west across the ford. As the party crossed in a thunderstorm, you all were attacked by five tatzylwyrms. The fight was brief but intense.

Upon entering the region of the unicorn, you all found a strange sight. There was a dead unicorn whose horn had been removed. Its body was in a perfect state of preservation. Solden determined that the creature had been slain by death magic several months ago. Dorian revealed that certain powerful fey could use such magic and that the use of such magic could stop the natural process of death whereby the soul left the body and traveled to Pharasma’s Boneyard. Alinza found this intolerable and used her magic to dispel the unnatural preservation and put the creature’s soul to rest.

You all then decided to return to Oleg’s and resupply and decide on your next step. The only encounter you had on your return trip was an attack by five Thylacines, which you all easily handled. You also found Alakazer’s traps filled and took the bodies back to the trapper at Oleg’s. A reward from the Swordlords was waiting for you when you reached the trading post on Erastus 4. Alakazer was grateful for your help. You all decided that you had so much gear to sell that you should travel to Restov. Alinza, Dorian, Richard, and Solden journeyed to the city, while Vidarr stayed behind at Oleg’s.

When the four of you arrived at Restov on Erastus 10, you were summoned by Lord Mayor Sellemius and given a writ to form an independent colony in the Greenbelt once you had cleared it out. You all spent the rest of the month in the city resting, training, selling treasure, crafting magical items, and making plans for your new government. The capital city would be built on the site of the Stag Lord’s fort and would be called Highpoint. You all recruited a priestess from the Temple of Pharsama as well as a priest from the Temple of Erastil. The Swordlords promised to send supplies and settlers over the next few months. Now you are preparing to set out back to Oleg’s to join with Vidarr and finish exploring the northwest quadrant of your original charter.

Session 6
In vino veritas: the death of the Stag Lord

Session 6: Sarenith 1 through Sarenith 10, 4710 AR
Having stocked up on potions and scrolls, Alinza, Dorian, Richard, Solden, and Vidarr set out to confront the Stag Lord. You all also had Bokken poison some wine with a sleeping agent as well as give each of you a dose of anti-toxin. The late spring weather held, with temperatures in the 60’s and cloudy weather. The first four days were spent crossing the fertile farmlands and entering the Kameland Hills. You all passed by the abandoned gold mine, across the rickety bridge, and through the fangberry grove, coming to the north shore of the Tuskwater by the evening of the 4th. The only encounter of note was an attack by four Thyalcines (regional marsupials that have the hunting habits of great cats), which you all dispatched with relative speed and ease.

The north shore of the Tuskwater was dominated by the remnants of an old monastery that had been turned into a base by the Stag Lord. You spent the next two days exploring and mapping the territory. The first day was extremely foggy and you all encountered a nest of giant water moccasins that you took out without difficulty. That night, the camp was attacked by 4 wild boars. These tenacious beasts proved to be a tough fight. Before they were taken out, Solden, Dorian, and Alinza were severely wounded. Otherwise, your two days of exploration passed uneventfully.

On the 7th, Dorian and Vidarr spent time scouting the bandit stronghold. You all determined that there were about a dozen inhabitants in the fort and that security was fairly lax. The plan was to have Alinza approach and parley with the group, posing as the leader of a group of bandits who wanted to join the Stag Lord. If the plan worked and got you all inside, you would then offer the poisoned wine, which would hopefully put the bandits to sleep and make dispatching them easier. Alinza approached on the 8th through a thunderstorm and spoke with the Stag Lord’s top lieutenant, a man named Akiros. She convinced Akiros to allow the party into the fort the next morning.

Once inside, you all had an audience with the Stag Lord himself. There were some tense moments when the Stag Lord became agitated at Dorian, accusing him of working with some mysterious female to assassinate him. Dorian soothed the Stag Lord, who took his share of wine and tottered off to drop into a drunken stupor. Over the next hour, the majority of the seven regular bandits succumbed to the wine, as did Richard. Things took a turn for the worse when Dorian tried to sneak away and assassinate the Stag Lord as he slept. Akiros sniffed out the plot and challenged Dorian. A fight ensued. During the fight, another lieutenant named Dovan released a caged owlbear, but the beast was neutralized by a well-placed Grease spell by Solden before turning on and killing Dovan. Meanwhile, the other remaining lieutenant, a lumbering half-wit named Auchs put Solden on his deathbed with two might blows from his club before turning to a back and forth duel with Richard. Vidarr used an invisibility potion to get around Auchs and revive Solden. Alinza and Dorian were able to kill Akiros, leaving Dorian to coup-de-grace the Stag Lord while Alinza engaged two of the regular bandits who had managed to shake off the effects of the wine. Solden and Vidarr then supplied arrow fire along with magic missiles to soften up Auchs, the regular bandits, and the owlbear, allowing the melee fighters to slay these opponents.

Once the dust had settled and Alinza healed those who had been wounded, you all searched the rest of the fortress. The Stag Lord had some magical equipment, including his stag helm, which was a sacred relic to Erastil. This would have been a perfect item for Vidarr, but he angrily rejected it as he had turned his back on the gods for not saving his family and village. He also had a small locket containing a lock of hair, which Dorian and Solden determined came from a nymph. There was also a sizable amount of monetary loot. In the basement, you all encountered a strange old man who attacked you. He melded into the stone, emerged from the ceiling, changed into a wolverine, and summoned a swarm of spiders. Judicious use of alchemist’s fire and missile weapons brought him down. You all then discovered a huge quantity of loot that had been captured by the bandits over the past few months.

Among the ruins of the cellar you all also found records of the fortress’ history. The ruins are just over 1,000 years old, established by refugees from the New Iobarian Empire; over the centuries, it housed a variety of Brevic settlers and petty bandit lords before falling into desuetude about 100 years ago. About fifty years ago, it was taken over by a small band of witches and female monks who established a small monastery dedicated to Gyronna, a lesser-known goddess whose faith has always been strongest in the River Kingdoms. Within a few months, there was power struggle and the monks expelled the witches and lapsed from proper worship, leaving their cruel ways behind in favor of a more minimalist monastic lifestyle. Gyronna grew insulted, and one night, she caused the dead of the monastery’s extensive graveyard (which surrounded the monastery on the south, east, and west hillsides) to rise up and attack the monks, dragging their still-living bodies back into the graves and leaving the building abandoned. You all rested the night, healing up and sorting through the loot before planning your next steps.

Session 5
Bears, Boar Taint, Mites, and Fangberry Wines

Session 5: Desnus 3 through Desnus 31, 4710 AR
Upon arrival back at Oleg’s, the remaining party members found a new arrival. Sir Richard Lebeda had arrived from Restov. He had the party’s reward money for cleaning out the kobolds and an arrest warrant for Egbert. It seems that Egbert was wanted for murder and Sir Richard had been sent to bring him to justice. Also, the Swordlords had refused to add Jerro to the charter of exploration, which was just as well considering how things had turned out. Oleg also gave the party 1,000 Gp worth of trade credit for the successful return of Svetlana’s wedding ring. Sir Richard asked to be added to the charter so that he could hunt down Egbert, but the party was wary. Vidarr also seemed to have an animosity towards the young knight, as it turned out that House Lebeda had sat idly by while his home village had been destroyed by forces from Pitax. Richard assured him that he had no love for Dame Saronna and that indeed he had joined the Knights of the Dragon to get away from his scheming family. This along with his very obvious hatred of Egbert convinced the party to join forces with Richard. After resting a few days and purchasing supplies, the party set out to the bandit camp on Thorn River to begin tracking Egbert, Jerro, and Peter.

The trail had gone cold, so the party decided to resume their exploration. They journeyed west to the Temple of the Elk, which turned out to be an abandoned shrine to Erastil. It was guarded by a fierce supernatural grizzly bear. Powered by his faith in Erastil, Richard dropped the beast with several mighty blows while Vidarr and Dorian distracted the beast. The bear transformed into an old man, who revealed that he had been cursed by Erastil to serve as a guardian for the shrine due to heretical beliefs. Now that the shrine was cleared, the pool at its center served as source of minor healing magic. You all decided to let Jhod know when you returned to the trading post so that he could claim the area and restore it to full function.

Continuing southeast from the shrine, you all stumbled upon Tuskgutter’s lair. Setting a trap, Dorian and Richard were able to slay the creature. After preserving its head and tusks for the old hunter Vekkel, the party decided to return to the trading post and plot their next move.

You all decided to clean out the mite lair and also fill in your map by finishing your explorations of the Greenbelt between the Thorn and Shrike Rivers. The mite lair turned out to a series of five tunnels and a chasm beneath to root system of the old sycamore tree. The mites did not mount any serious opposition to your party. A few of you suffered some minor injuries but were not otherwise significantly hurt. You garnered a fair share of loot, including a statue of a crouching reptilian devil.

From the mite lair, the party moved southwest to the Fangberry thicket. The plants were infested with a spider swarm, which a quick-thinking Dorian wiped out with a clever use of an electrical spell. You all picked enough berries to satisfy Bokken and Vidarr also preserved a few plants to take to the old alchemist so that he could grow his own berry supply.

As you all spent the next few days finishing your territorial survey, Vidarr befriended a wounded wolf. The party was also attacked by a tatzyl worm while in the forest, which you quickly dispatched although Alinza’s horse was severely wounded. You also routed a small group of independent bandits despite Solden being seriously hurt by arrows. You managed to take on the bandits as a prisoner, but learned no useful information n from him. You all then visited Bokken, who ecstatic at your success and promised to sell you any potions he made at 1/3 cost from this point forward.

Returning to the trading post on 22 Desnus, you all spent the rest of the month resupplying, training, and resting. Dorian and Solden exchanged spells while Vidarr also began training his wolf. After consulting with Oleg and Kesten, Richard meted out the required penalty for banditry and beheaded the prisoner. You all also began discussing plans for your next move.

Session 4
Gold, Ghosts, and Murder

Session 4: Gozren 20 through Desnus 2, 4710 AR
On the 20th of Gozren, a strange visitor named Jerro arrived at Oleg’s. The tiefling, who was filthy beyond belief, was accompanied by a mangy dog. He requested to join the party, indicating that he held a grudge against Pitax. Solden and Dorian were a bit mistrustful, but Peter and Egbert were all for signing up the stranger. Kesten, as an official of Restov, added Jerro to the compact.

Over the next ten days, you all finished surveying the lands south of Oleg’s, east of the Narlmarches and Thorn River, and north of the Shrike River. The weather continued to improve and was not a factor in your exploration. You all found an abandoned gold mine that you planned to ultimately restore to use. In addition, you discovered an old abandoned treasure trove that included a spellbook, a wand, and some minor monetary treasure. When you discovered the lair of the local Mite infestation in the root system of an old sycamore tree, a fierce debate ensued. Finally, Jerro and Peter convinced the party to leave the Mites for now and return when you had magical and cold iron weapons. At the crossing of the Shrike River, you all came upon the remnants of the former bridge-keeper’s shack. Supposedly, the keeper, a man named Davik Nettles, had been killed by the Stag Lord and the site had been abandoned for months as it was reportedly haunted by Davik’s ghost. These rumors turned out to be true, but Egbert and Peter were able to strike a deal with the ghost before it attacked. They promised to return with the Stag Lord’s body and throw it in the river to put Davik’s spirit to rest.

As you all made your way up the Thorn River you encountered a local trapper named Galador. You shared your camp with him and he informed you that there was an abandoned temple just west of the Thorn River bandit camp. He agreed to lead you to it. When you all reached the bandit camp, you were set upon by a pack of wolves. This was a fairly easy combat, but at the end of the fight, Egbert treacherously ambushed and slew Galador. This stunned everyone but Jerro, who appeared to be in on the plan. Solden was outraged by this treachery and attacked Egbert and Jerro. Egbert was seriously injured when he was set on fire, but he managed to seriously wound Solden, almost killing him.

Alinza rushed into save Solden before he could bleed out, while Dorian stepped between Jerro and Joey. Peter was indifferent to the whole affair at this point. Dorian and Alinza demanded to know why Egbert and Jerro had acted as they did. Egbert defended his actions, saying that the trapper had gear and money that the group needed. Dorian and Alinza stated that they could not condone the cold-blooded murder and violation of the River Kingdom law of hospitality. Egbert and Jerro sneered at this. Egbert then suggested that it was time to part ways—he had no use for the moral restrictions he felt were being imposed upon him. Peter and Jerro agreed. Outnumbered three to two and not wishing more bloodshed, Dorian and Alinza allowed the murderers and their new accomplice to loot Galador’s body. Egbert contemptuously tossed four scrolls he found on the body at Alinza and Dorian. This, he stated, was their fair share for helping kill the wolves. Then he, Jerro, and Peter faded off into the woods. Disheartened and bedraggled, Alinza and Dorian revived Solden until he was well enough to travel and made their way back to Oleg’s, arriving late in the afternoon on the 2nd of Desnus.

Session 3
Sieges, Soap Opera Dramatics, and a Kobold Mystery

Session 3: Pharast 21 through Gozran 19, 4710 AR
Spring officially arrived with the vernal equinox on 21 Pharast as you all set out to survey of the plains southwest of Oleg’s. As you continued your exploration, a great blizzard roared through the region on 24 Pharast. After the blizzard, the weather slowly improved, although there were a couple of days of sleet and snow. You all were attacked by a giant trapdoor spider, which you easily dispatched. In the beast’s lair was the dead body of a Stag Lord bandit that contained a crude map showing the location of a treasure buried under an old tree further southeast, but you all headed back to Oleg’s so that you would be there in time for the next bandit visit.

A light dusting of snow on 30 Pharast was followed by steady sleet on the 31st. Oleg, Svetlana, Jhod, Kesten, and his men all helped you prepare the trading post for the coming confrontation. Two of the catapults had been repaired by Kesten’s men and Alinza suggested that you all fill barrels with frozen water and rocks as ammunition. You all dug two pits with bear traps just in front of the gate. Antau hid in a pit, while Vidarr and Egbert waited on their horses to spring an ambush. The 1st of Gozran dawned with a misty rain. Your ambush worked perfectly on the 12 bandits and 2 leaders that showed up. A catapult stone smashed the wagon of the leaders, killing Happs Bydon and severely wounding Kressle. She tried to run away but was rounded up and captured by Egbert and Antau. Another bandit was taken down by a second catapult shot. The pits worked perfectly neutralizing two more bandits, while Solden cast a spell that created magical grease and set it on fire to take down another. Four of the bandits managed to clamber over the walls, but were dispatched by Alinza, Dorian, Peter, Jhod, and Kesten. The remaining four bandits were picked off by Vidarr and Egbert outside the walls.

As the resident’s of the trading post celebrated this victory, you all questioned Kressle. She gave you the location of the Stag Lord’s main base on the northern shore of the Tuskwater and informed you that bandits came and went freely as long as they knew the correct pass phrase, which was currently “By the Bloody Bones of St. Gilmorg, who wants to know?” A fierce debate then broke out as to what to do with Kressle. Kesten was adamant that she put to death as a bandit under Brevic law. Most of the party agreed except for Antau. Egbert and Vidarr attempted to take justice into their own hands but were stopped by Kesten and Antau. A compromise was reached that she would be executed by hanging the next day, but given a nice meal and final rites with a decent burial. This was not good enough for Antau, who helped her escape. Vidarr, Dorian, and Egbert then tracked her down and summarily executed her. They then kicked Antau out of the party. He remains at the trading post, helping the settlers establish their hold on the region and pursuing his own inscrutable goals. Svetlana was distraught that you all did not recover her wedding ring, which had been stolen on Kressles body.

On the 3rd, Egbert, Solden, Alinza, Vidarr, and Dorian set out to scour the bandit camp and continue exploring the region. It took you three days to reach the camp and an additional day to loot the camp. The rainy weather gradually gave way to some sun and the temperatures began to gradually climb. At the camp you all found some loot as well enough food and water for 10 days and the last stash of goods taken from Oleg’s.

Setting out on the 7th, your next goal was to systematically work your way southeast down the Thorn River and east and north up the Shrike River in search of the Sootscale Kobold tribe’s main lair. Aside from some thunderstorms on the first day, which was Currentseve, a local River Kingdoms holiday on which the families of sailors and the rivermen themselves pray to Gozreh for safe travels in the upcoming year, the weather continued to be mostly sunny and mild. You discovered a partially ruined bridge across the Thorn River that could serve as an important travel link through the Greenbelt. There was also a ford at the confluence of the Thorn and Shrike Rivers.

On the 12th, you all located the kobold lair, which Solden identified as an abandoned Taldan silver mine known as Oaktop. Leaving Palomo to guard your wagons, you all entered and found a kobold guard that was taken out by Vidarr with one shot before it could raise the alarm. In a side prison, you all discovered a mite, a type of evil underground fey, but no one could understand its speech so you all left it for the time being. Further into the mine, you all were ambushed by two more kobolds but took them down easily. Then you came to a room that served as an altar to a horned devil (as identified by Dorian). The next room was the main tribal center where you all fought six regular kobolds and their chieftain. The fighting also brought out a purple-skinned kobold sorcerer. Despite taking some damage from acid flasks hurled by the kobolds, you all easily won the battle and Dorian and Egbert took out the sorcerer after he turned invisible. Much to your surprise the sorcerer transformed into a gnome upon his death. You all did find the sorcerer’s diary amongst the kobolds’ treasure but could not read the language it was written in. You all then journeyed back to Oleg’s, arriving on the 19th.

Session 2
Of Radishes, Retreat, and Redemption (Kobold Style!)

Session 2: Pharast 8 through Pharast 20, 4710 AR
Fighting through sleet and snow over the next three days, you all eventually came across the bandit’s camp. It was heavily fortified by tactical use of the forest and there were twelve rank-and-file bandits along with Happs Bydon and a female leader. Facing overwhelming odds and unfavorable terrain and weather, you all retreated, but not before Vidarr, Antau, and Egbert suffered minor wounds.

As you all camped that night, Happs led an ambush, but you all turned the tables through a superior defensive position and managed to kill two of the bandits before the rest fled. Vidarr’s archery, Solden’s key use of magical light, and Dorian’s dogged determination were all key components of this victory. Among the equipment of the dead bandits you all found two silver amulets shaped in the likeness of a stag’s head, confirming the rumors that someone calling themselves the Stag Lord was behind bandit activity in the region. You all decided to return to Oleg’s and plan your next move. The general consensus was that the party should set up an ambush for the bandits when they returned to collect their tribute from Oleg in a few weeks. Once you arrived at Oleg’s after a three day journey where the weather gradually improved, you found a new arrival, a minor nobleman from Restov named Kesten Garress and a retinue of three Restov guardsmen. They had orders to fortify the trading post and assist you in maintaining order in the region. Oleg complained about the lateness of the help that had finally arrived but otherwise graciously accepted Kesten’s presence. Svetlana asked the party to supply her with moon radishes from a local field, but she had heard that kobolds had been sighted there.

After restocking your supplies, you all set out on Pharast 14. The next four days saw an increasing snowfall culminating in a savage winter storm. In the middle of this you all came to the radish field. Alinza and Antau fell into cleverly disguised pits, and Dorian spotted that the field was riddled with them. Vidarr then spotted a tunnel in the side of a hill. After much deliberation, you all decided to enter the tunnels and ferret out the kobolds that you assumed were within. Alinza and Dorian were able to take out a hidden guard that was at the entrance, but another one escaped into the lair. Antau, Alinza, Egbert, and Solden acted as a scouting party. Antau discovered a trap that the party was able to bypass. Once the scouts had then secured a staging area, the rest of the party, except for Vidarr, who remained outside to guard the wagons and horses, entered the lair. Alinza and Antau went down one corridor and subdued a kobold, Peter shot and killed another one coming from a second corridor, and Dorian ambushed and killed a third one exiting from yet another corridor. Antau decided to let the captured kobold go, but Vidarr shot and killed it as it fled. You all did find a minor treasure stash that included a finely-crafted scimitar, a scroll with a spell that created holy water, and a flask of oil that could temporarily enchant a melee weapon. Dorian claimed the scimitar, Alinza took the scroll, and Egbert took the oil. After gathering radishes, you all made the return journey back to Oleg’s through improving weather, arriving at the trading post on Pharast 19.

Upon your arrival, you found another traveler had arrived at the trading post, a middle-aged Taldan man with a mule and a hawk. He claimed to be a traveling priest of Erastil named Jhod Kavken. When questioned by Peter, Jhod stated that he had wandered up through the city of Mivon and come to Oleg’s when he heard about the initiative from Restov to bring order to the region. He also claimed that he was driven by a vision from Erastil to find and restore a local temple that had been desecrated and was guarded by an angry bear spirit. He asked the party to keep an eye out for such an area and to alert him if they found and cleared it.

Spring was approaching, but the winter hung on with a tenacious grip. You all met several local farmers, hunters, and trappers that evening that lived in the immediate vicinity of Oleg’s as well as merchants and mercenaries who were traveling through the area who were coming to stock up and prepare for the coming spring. Jhod was preparing to lead the local community in a weeklong celebration called Planting Week, a festival of Erastil to represent the arrival of spring.

You all also picked up the following rumors and possible quests:

Kesten has brought another charter from Restov. The local tribe of Kobolds, known as the Sootscales, has become increasingly and uncharacteristically aggressive. They have begun expanding from their lair somewhere along the shore of the Shrike River and attacking farms and travelers along the South Rostland Road. The Swordlords of Restov will give the party 500 Gp each if they end this Kbold menace by whatever means necessary.

Kesten has another, private offer for the party. He suspects that a former Varisian mercenary named Falgrim Sneed that worked for him has joined with the Stag Lord’s bandits. If this is true, Kesten wants you all to either capture or kill Sneed. Kesten prefers that you bring in Sneed alive so that he can be shipped back to Brevoy for trial on charges of theft and murder, but he will settle for the man dead. If you can deliver him alive, Kesten offers you all 200 Gp apiece; if dead he will still pay each of you 100 Gp.

An old retired hunter named Vekkel Benzen regaled you all with tales of a terrifying “demon” boar named Tuskgutter that has terrorized the northern Greenbelt for decades. In fact he claims that he survived an encounter with this beast a year ago, but it left his leg so shattered that he had to retire. He offers you all his finely-crafted long bow and a quiver of magical arrows if you can locate the beast and bring its head to him.

Travelers speak of how Hannis Drelev has finally reached the Hooktongue Slough and begun the initial work of exploring that region and establishing a Brevic outpost there. The same information is coming back about Maegar Varn’s expedition into the Nomen Heights. On the other hand, rumor has it that the Iron Wraiths are having a hard time in th Glenebon Uplands, having to fight the local Tiger Lord barbarians and mercenaries purported to be in the service of Pitax.

Session 1
A Charter

Calistril 18 through Pharast 7, 4710 AR
You all met with Lord Mayor Joseph Sellemius and Swordlord Jamandi Aldori and received a charter to explore and chart the northern section of the Greenbelt. More specifically, each of you is to receive 1000 Gp for ending the plague of banditry in the region. These bandits seem to be organized behind a mysterious figure known only as the Stag Lord. Sellemius gave you official documents and sent on your way to Oleg’s Trading Post. Dorian and Peter warned you all to tread carefully as they sensed that perhaps the party was being used as political pawns in the ongoing tensions between Rostlanders and Issians over the control of Brevoy that had been going on since the disappearance of the Rogarvia royal family eleven years earlier.

The journey to Oleg’s was beset by bad weather and several hostile encounters. On the second day, you all stopped at the small village of Nivakta’s Crossing, where you purchased additional supplies for your journey and caught up on the latest rumors. On the third day out, the party was attacked by a Tatzylwyrm, a regional primitive dragon that was a local pest. Dorian was severely wounded before the rest of the party slew the dragon. Antau and Alinza were able to use natural and magical methods to heal Dorian so that he was well enough to travel. The next day, you all became lost as a snowstorm swept through the region. This significantly delayed your journey as did the accumulated snow. You arrived at Fort Serenko on Calistril 25. This military garrison of 2000 troops is the southernmost military outpost of Brevoy. Here you resupplied while Alinza paid her respects to Pharasma. On the 26th, a Werewolf attacked your camp at night. Antau managed to subdue the creature, but not before Egbert was severely wounded. While Antau and Alinza tended Egbert’s wounds, Dorian determined that the Werewolf was a natural lycanthrope and not simply a poor soul cursed with the condition, and you all executed the creature by burning it alive. Alinza took the creature’s finely-wrought sword as a reward, with the rest of the gear was put on the wagon to sell. On the 27th, you all encountered another snowstorm, but this time Peter remembered that he had a spell that would keep you all from getting lost. The party was in a brief fight with a small herd of local elks that were spooked by the weather and had run across the party’s path. Vidarr was not able to calm them down and you all had to kill three of them. Vidarr and Egbert then skinned the dead elk for some meat while Antau and Alinza tended to others in the party who had received minor wounds in the skirmish.

You finally passed into the Greenbelt on Calistril 28. You decided to begin exploring and mapping the territory as you made your way west towards Oleg’s. Over the next four days, you all explored and mapped the 24 square miles of plains to the east of Oleg’s. You encountered a hermit named Bokken who was skilled at alchemy. He agreed to give you a discount on his services if you supplied him with a local fruit known as fangberries so that he could make some of his famous liquor. One night your camp was attacked by a pair of wolves drawn to the scent of your horses, but you easily drove them off.

When you arrived at Oleg’s of the 5th of Pharast, the sleet and hail that dogged your journey this day was a foreshadowing of the gloomy reception your received. You all found Oleg burying the body of a local hunter named Jory who had been slain during a bandit raid on Oleg’s four days earlier. Alinza eased the situation by offering to bury Jory with the blessings of Pharasma in honor of the Day of Bones holiday. Oleg was highly upset that you had not arrived in time to confront the bandits. After a meal prepared by his wife Svetlana, you received the following story about the bandit activity in the region.

The bandits’ first visit was 4 months ago—they threatened to burn down the trading post and abduct Svetlana for their own amusements back at their camp if the Levetons didn’t agree to hand over all of the furs and trade goods they’d accumulated over the past month from hunters and trappers. Since then, the bandits have returned three more times, each time within an hour of sunrise on the first day of the month. The Levetons have learned to have their “taxes” ready and hand them over quickly—the bandits usually seem eager to return to their camp somewhere in the Greenbelt, which makes Svetlana think their camp is about 1 day away. The first time the bandits visited, there were a dozen of them—10 lower-ranking thugs led by a cloaked man armed with a bow, and a woman who carried two small hatchets. The woman did the majority of the talking on that first trip, and her black sense of humor and the way she smiled when she spoke of what fate would await Svetlana if the Levetons didn’t comply frightened Svetlana all the more. The woman also seemed to be particularly sharp and observant, whereas the man seemed to be a bit more crude and foolish. The fact that the woman quite nearly lopped off Oleg’s right hand with one of her hatchets in a cruel bit of mockery, convinced the Levetons that she was the most dangerous of the bandits. As it was, the woman took Svetlana’s wedding ring right off her hand and tossed it to one of her men as payment for “not shortening Oleg’s reach.” On the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th visits, only the hooded man, whose name was Happs Bydon, came with 6 bandits. The Levetons suspect that the bandits have let down their guard and think the owners of the trading post are completely cowed. Disaster struck on the last visit as Jory was present. He offered resistance, which led the bandits to mercilessly cut him down. Oleg revealed that all the bandits wore a silver medallion shaped like a stag’s head and that the regular bandits were equipped with finely-crafted studded leather armor, customized short bows, and short swords.

Dorian asked Vidarr if he could pick up any tracks, and the ranger was able to pick up a very faint trail. You all decided to push on and track the bandits to their lair before the trail petered out completely. The trail led into the Narlmaches. The going was slow due to intermittent sleet. On the night of Pharast 7th, you all noticed what might be a campfire. As Vidarr, Antau, Dorian, and Joey the monkey investigated, Antau and Dorian realized that the light was a trap meant to lure you all into a patch of deadly quicksand. At that moment Antau was attacked and electrocuted by a strange creature made of light that electrocuted him and put him on the brink of death. Vidarr and Dorian then dragged Antau back to Alinza for healing. Based on Joey’s description of the beast, Solden determined that this had been a creature known as a Will-O’-Wisp. The next morning, Vidarr lost the trail, but using the party compasses and Vidarr and Solden’s knowledge of geography, you all determined that the bandit’s destination was about 6 miles due southwest, probably on the banks of the Thorn River.

During your journeys, the party came across the following 10 common rumors:

1: Breeg Orlivanch, a foul-mannered trapper, has been missing for some time—they say he gave up trapping and joined the bandits!

2: Some of the bandits wear silver amulets that resemble a stag’s skull—these bandits belong to a debased cult dedicated to a hideous animal demon.

3: There used to be a bridge crossing the Shrike River to the southeast, but bandits ruined it. They say the old bridge keeper Davik Nettles haunts the place now.

4: The bandits are getting braver and more organized, and there’s whispers that they have a new leader—a man who dresses in animal’s bones and calls himself the Stag Lord.

5: Bandits aren’t the only things in the Kamelands that cause trouble—there’s a tribe of kobolds and a tribe of mites living somewhere in the hills too. They aren’t as much trouble as the bandits, but their presence certainly makes the idea of settling the land less attractive.

6: The primary trade route from the River Kingdoms to Brevoy is the East Sellen River, a major waterway that runs through a swampy region to the west called the Hooktongue Slough. The trade route has been closed for several months, though, due to an increased amount of violence from the boggard tribes that dwell there—hopefully the frog folk keep to the swamp and don’t turn their bulging eyes east toward the Narlmarches!

7: A group of evil monks and priests of a lesser-known goddess of hatred, extortion, and spite once dwelt on the northern shore of the Tuskwater to the south. I bet there are still cultists out there, and that they’re behind the sudden rise in banditry!

8: Some people report that a unicorn lives in the Narlmarches, but sightings of the magnificent creature have fallen off in recent months. Perhaps the unicorn was driven out by the bandits?

9: Taldan colonists once made an attempt to settle in the Stolen Lands. They failed, but not for lack of resources. There are supposedly some old and abandoned mines somewhere in the Kamelands—and some folks believe that there’s gold in the hills!

10: A traveling wizard, who went missing in the Stolen Lands a while back. His spellbook is probably just rotting away in the underbrush or in some monster’s lair.

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