Session 16

Wizards should be careful when they fly!

Session 16: Pharast 7, 4711 AR through Pharast 19, 4711 AR
The party left Highpoint in the rain on Wealday, Pharast 9. By the 10th, you all had reached the region where you had encountered the lizardfolk before. You managed to get a jump on a huge patrol that included an 12 lizardfolk, an Ettin, 2 Owlbears, and 2 Rust Monsters. Solden, Vidarr, and Dorian carried the day, as Richard fell prey to entangling magic from a lizardfolk spellcaster.

Early on the evening of the 11th, you all were able to set up an ambush on the lizardfolk’s eastern outpost. Solden summoned a Hound Archon to open the gate, after which Richard and Alinza charged in. Meanwhile, Vidarr and Dorian provided sniper support and Solden aerial artillery (fireballs and ice storms). Jhod also summoned two dire bats. You all found a few more prisoners, but several were local trappers that could lead the rest back to Highpoint once they were supplied from the gear of the dead lizardfolk. This same pattern was repeated on the southern outpost (Pharast 12) and the western outpost (Pharast 14).

On Pharast 15, you all approached the main village and found that it had been hastily abandoned. Vidarr, with help from Alinza, was able to track the fleeing inhabitants south. After about a day, the group split into two, with the young lizardfolk with a few guardians heading west and the main troupe continuing south. Following information from some of the earlier freed captives that there was actually a main compound further south, you all opted to head there.

On the 17th, you all arrived at the hidden stronghold and scouted it out, preparing for an assault on the evening of the 18th. This time, however, the lizardfolk turned the tables on the party, ambushing your campsite just before dawn on the 18th. In addition to the lizardfolk king, the tribe had the services of a decrepit human wizard who had a terrible wasting condition (his legs below the waist were horribly atrophied). They had an array of local beasts as well, including a dire bear and a pair of blood caimans. Using the spells of Solden, the bow of Vidarr, and the blades of Alinza, Dorian, and Richard, you all made short work of the assault force. The turning point came when the wizard took the air and was feathered by Vidarr’s shafts, while Dorian bested the king in one-on-one combat. You all looted the village and decided to let the young go, returning in triumph to Highpoint on the evening of the 19th.



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