Session 17

Interview with a Vampire

Session 17: Pharast 20, 4711 AR through Gozran 9, 4711 AR
Your return to Highpoint coincided with the Vernal Equinox and the festival of Planting Week, which celebrated Erastil and the return of spring. An uneventful week passed as the members of the party took on various administrative tasks. Solden continued to tutor Lily and Tig, while Vidarr took the young man under his wing and gave him a bow. Vidarr also continued to court Ingrit. Alinza continued her duties as a representative of Pharasma as well as hanging out with Kundal, while Richard settled several local disputes, and Dorian worked with Zander to continue developing a regional spy network. Vidarr was pleased when a merchant and his wife, Loy and Laticia Ledford from Daggermark approached Vidarr about refounding the village of Tatzlford. Vidarr was pleased to give his blessing to this venture.

On the 29th, you all set out to explore the last reaches of the Greenbelt. On the 31st, you reached Tatlzford and saw that the first crew of workmen had arrived and begun work on reconstructing the village. On 3 Gozran, the party stumbled upon the mysterious Lostlarn Keep. Local lore held that this mysterious structure was full of treasure, but others say it is haunted by angry spirits and worse. One story claims the tower was the abode of a powerful wizard who died in a spell-battle that split the keep from top to bottom with “flensing fire,” and who may still haunt the area, guarding his yet-hidden magic and hunting for the foe that killed him. Another story insists that the thieves who slew Lostlarn Keep’s owners later stored dragon eggs there, and that a hatchling dragon forcing its way to freedom shattered the tower. A third popular tale says Lostlarn was the stronghold of a robber lord who died horribly, along with all of his men, when some booty they seized turned out to be guarded by a crawling, flesh-eating growth that killed them and turned them into mindless, shambling plant-beasts. It’s generally agreed that, whatever its past, Lostlarn has been an abandoned ruin for around 60 years but is much older that that. The oldest written records in Daggermark call it “Larrhoztarm’s Keep,” so it seems Lostlarn is a corruption of that name, presumably that of its builder or most prominent early occupant. Recent rumors claim Lostlarn is home to a “wall of eyes” and that any who step through it arrive at a strange and wondrous otherwhere, where gems litter the ground, free for the taking. Though it’s not far from a road, few travelers camp there, as those who go to Lostlarn often go missing—forever. The truth was more mundane if no less dangerous. The keep was inhabited by an Elven Vampire calling herself the Dancing Lady and her fey allies, a Quickling and a Svartalfar. A series of fierce battles ensued, with Solden and Richard being seriously injured before their foes could be destroyed. It seemed as if the Dancing Lady was in an alliance with your mysterious Nymph rival.

The next few days were filled with encounters with a Hodag, a pack of Thyalicines, and some Assassin Vines. Finally, with the Greenbelt explored, you all returned to Highpoint on 9 Gozran to begin the expansion of your kingdom in earnest as well as to await the arrival of Richard’s suitors.



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