Session 14

Into the Wild Blue Yonder

Session 14: Abadius 16, 4711 AR through Calistril 8, 4711 AR
Antau returned from his diplomatic missions to report success. Nyssa Surtova would be arriving shortly after the 1st of Gozren, while Sara Orlovsky would be arriving a few weeks later. Richard would then have a decision to make. Antau was relieved that he was no longer Highpoint’s top diplomat. Oleg and Svetlana approached the council about stepping down and returning the trading post with the purpose of starting a new town that would be attached to your new kingdom. The council accepted their resignation and appointed Lily Teskerton, a local curio shop owner with a fascination for Elven culture, as the treasurer and the Gnome adventurer Jubilost Narthropple as the new chief advisor. The financial strain of helping Oleg start his new settlement drove the party back out into the wilderness to find funds.

Richard remained in town to help the new council members get their feet under them while Alinza, Dorian, Solden, and Vidarr set out on Abadius 23 to explore the southeastern parts of the Greenbelt beyond the Shrike and Little Sellen Rivers. On the way they stopped at the Candlemere island, which was infested with Will-‘o-Wisps. Over several days you all had harrowing encounters with these creatures and Joey and Alinza were severely wounded. In the end, there was nothing on the island but an old shell of a tower that had been dedicated to the Old Ones, especially Yog-Sothoth. Dorian claimed a powerful magical dagger that you all found in the ruins.

Continuing on, the party encountered 5 Thyalicines, 5 Tatzylwyrms, and 6 Whiptail Centipedes, all of which proved no match for you. The centipedes were feasting on the remains of horses from a caravan that had been attacked and looted by bandits from the west. Based upon Tiefling tracks and giant tracks found at the site, you suspected that your old friend Jerrou was leading bandit raids into your territory and had recruited the Hill Giant you all convinced to go to Pitax earlier. You also stumbled across a couple of mercenaries and finally found some of the bodies from the caravan in the lair of a Leucrotta, which used its voice to lure in Alinza and severely wound her. For her troubles, Alinza found a fine Blue Dragonhide breastplate and shield. The armor provided poison protection while the shield provided electricity resistance. The party arrived back in Highpoint on the 8th of Calistril. You all sent workers to collect some loot for the kingdom treasury that you found in the ruins of the caravan.



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